Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question Answer
Where do these concerts come from? The concerts is automatically fetched daily from the bands facebook calendar events
Why is my brass bands concert not on the list? Write me an email with the name of your band and then I will add it. Mail to
I have just added a concert to my bands facebook page. Why is it not shown here? The concerts is only updated daily at 01:00 CET
Do you also have an app that shows brass band concerts Yes! The brassconcerts app is available on iOS and Android
Can I follow brassconcerts on facebook? Yes! Go to brassconcerts facebook page
Is it only brass bands concerts that are shown? All bands with emphasis on brass instruments can apply for this page
Who is behind My name is Arne and I have played brass band since 1981. Right now I am playing in a band called OBG Brass in Denmark.
Why have you made I have not been able to locate a page that could show me a list of upcoming brass band concerts anywhere on the internet. And I could see that it was quite common for brass bands to announce their concerts on facebook. So I thought why not extract the concerts from facebook and show them here. In that way I did not have to follow all the brass bands on facebook, but were still able to see when they were going to play a concert
Can I help you? Yes! I would like to show brass concerts from all over the world. So if you have any knowledge about brass bands in your country and would like to collect the bands facebook addresses, then I would be very grateful. Please write me a mail at